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I help women fall in love with the Word of God. 

Let me help you take the first step to understanding Scripture...without needing a theology degree.

Hi, I’m Angella!

I help Christian women learn about God’s love for them personally in a way that’s easy to understand. 

When I first met Jesus, He transformed me into the woman I was called to be, and I want that for YOU too!

My mission is to help women grasp the depth of God’s love and truth in their lives.

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I help women understand scripture in 7 simple steps so they can learn to fall in love with Jesus and His Word.

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A beautiful, interactive journal that has seven steps to help guide you to a deeper understanding of Scripture. Each day features an individual verse and space for creative expression.

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Linda Crossman

Angella Bundz is a gifted author and speaker who is anointed to minister to other women. She has faced every trial that life has thrown at her with grace and dignity, keeping Christ always as her anchor. She has a wealth of wisdom to share and is a blessing to all who know her. Angella is the epitome of a Proverbs 31 woman and is called to help other women realize their potential in Christ.

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Angella is a best-selling author, John Maxwell trained speaker, and coach. She is also a Women's Health Nurse Practitioner and breast cancer survivor. Angella has a compelling story of overcoming. She uses her story to engage whatever audience she is speaking to and points them in the direction towards hope.

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Angella enjoys speaking about her faith journey, surviving cancer, as well as ALL things Scripture journaling. She has had speaking engagements with faith-based communities, but she also offers medically informative sessions as well. Angella's speaking style has been said to be informative, heartfelt, and empowering. 

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